Welcome to Ocean City Maryland fishing at its finest. Coming aboard the O.C. Girl means a great time of fishing spent with friends and family over the Atlantic Ocean and maybe a few beers as well.As safety and fishing come first we understand that a bachelor party is a special occasion where your friends life will never be the quite the same.There isn't much we havn't seen here on the OC Girl over the years so we want to let you know we are a pretty tolerant group.
Bachelor party fishing charters now make up a large portion of our schedule. We would like to remind all our groups to please be on time . Ocean city Maryland offers plenty of nightlife and can interfere with getting rest before your trip.
Each year we take many bachelor parties just like your selves on a experience that has so much more to offer then visiting a few bars. I do have some words of advice as your captain; Try to get a little sleep the night before your trip.If you have to be carried on the boat in the morning you may want to stay on land. Finally, the ocean and sun are unforgiving on hangovers. That being said I have forgotten my own advice on occasion.
We hope to see you ! Captain, Jeff