Ocean City Maryland Tuna Fishing

Ocean City Maryland Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing in Ocean City Maryland offers the most angler activity of any style fishing we provide.  Whether we are anchored over a wreck or drifting across ocean structure the anglers when bottom fishing are hooking their own fish.  For the seasoned pros that fish with us, Captain Jeff puts you on the right spots and then our mate helps as needed.  Those less experienced at bottom and wreck fishing our crew will help you get hooked up, sometimes with each drop when the action is hot.

Wreck fishing in Ocean City Maryland is one our favorite types of fishing.  Targeting these bottom fish is tons of fun.  When conditions are right we have a shot at lots of different species, you never know what you are going to real up.  Even when we are targeting a specific fish the thrill of a Tautog hammering your rig or a double header on big Knothead Sea Bass will have even the most seasoned angler giggling like a school kid.

The OC Girl and her crew take care of all bait, rigs, rods and reels.  You can be as involved as you want in the fishing process or you can be happy with just reeling in fish and our mate(s) will bait your rigs and take all the fish off the line.  Many of our regulars choose to bring their own rigs and rods, especially when we are Tog fishing.  We always fresh bait available.  Bottom and Wreck fishing trips run all season long so it is important to dress appropriately for the season.

Bottom Fishing Charters

Sea Bass Charters:  Sea Bass Fishing is a Spring and Fall fishery.  These trips are usually action packet due to large concentrations of fish.  Target depth and water temperatures vary so it is not uncommon for your arms to get tired from really up doubles that hook up in over a 100 feet of water.  Prime sea bass fishing is April and May, then again Late September through the end of November.

Flounder Charters:  Ocean City Maryland Flounder Fishing is Spring to Fall.  The flounder bite heats up on the late spring and summer with warmer water temperature and then gets even better as the fish move offshore to cooler deeper water.  Bottom bouncing on a good drift is very effective in the structure just off OCMD.

TauTog Charters:  Spring and Fall offer excellent Taug Fishing in Ocean City.  With tons of wrecks and artificial reefs Taug spots are plentiful.  Having the patients to work a wreck pays off when you get bit like a freight train.  Once hooked up the battle begins, can you reel hard enough or does the tautog pull your line back into the wreck.

Tons of other species are possible on all of these bottom fishing charters dependent on the water temperature and seasons.  Lots of times we’ll find dolphin while on fall sea bass charters.  It seems like we pick up blue fish during almost any season when bottom fishing.  We also find Trigger Fish, Sheepshead and an assortment of others.

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