Ocean City Maryland Shark Fishing

Ocean City Maryland Shark Fishing

12 Hour Offshore Shark Fishing Trips puts us on fishing grounds up to 30 miles out of the Ocean City Maryland Inlet.  The prime offshore Shark Fishing season in Ocean City runs from May through June.  Our offshore shark fishing sees Makos, Thresher Sharks, Blue Whalers, Hammerheads, Tiger Sharks and more.  These offshore 12 hour shark fishing charters are perfect for families looking for a full day offshore adventure or experienced shark fisherman.  We offer charters for the local shark fishing tournaments as well.

Looking for a quick 3 – 4 Hour Shark Fishing experience?  Our inshore trips are great half day charters and are perfect for evening sunset fishing.  These trips put us out up to 15 miles from Ocean City, many times you’ll still see the OCMD Beach.  Near shore shark fishing provides tons of action from June through October.  We see big and small sharks while inshore, Dusky Sharks, Hammerheads, Sharpnose, Spinner Sharks, Blacktips, Sandbars and more.

What to Expect:  Shark Fishing OCMD

Big toothy fish make for exciting shark fishing.  We’ll motor out to to our destination and get started on areas of bottom structure such as lumps, depth changes, wrecks or holes.  We’ll do a quick scan for any activity that looks fishy.  Great signs are birds, slicks and bait fish.  Once we find our spot we’ll start our drift and get the chum slick going.  The OC Girl will use 5 Gallon buckets or chum bags.  Depending on how we are fishing we can use 1 Gallon of chum or up to 8 Gallons.

Once our chum slick is out we will bait up a handful of rods.  The bigger the fish, the bigger the rods we use.  Offshore shark fishing requires heavier gear while inshore shark charters will use lighter tackle.  We will have lines and floats set out covering different depths and distances from the boat.  Typically, we will also keep a pitch bait ready for those sneaky sharks that show up boat side.  Once hooked up you’ll get situated into a fighting harness or butt protector and the fight is on.  You could be tied into that fish for 10 minutes or an hour, but once it comes boat side  we’ll either gaff the fish or release it.  That will depend on species and your desire to keep or release your shark.  If you decide to release or it is a protected species we will make sure everything is done right so that the shark may swim away unharmed.

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