Ocean City Maryland Tuna Fishing

Ocean City Maryland Large Groups Fishing

Corporate Events and Team Building

It is very easy for corporate events to get stale over the years.  Whether it is an employee recognition or another convention cocktail party or dinner.  Why not set yourself and your company apart and do something different this year, something that really sticks in your attendees memories.  Why not book a Corporate Fishing Trip?  We can accommodate up to 16 passengers and can connect you with people to cater or obtain provisions for the group.

Our full day trips are perfect for Employee Team Building or as a great way to break up Corporate Training days.  The evening Shark trips are great for a short action packed activity after a long day of meetings.  4 Hour evening trips are a great alternative or addition you your traditional cocktail party or client dinners while attending events at the Ocean City Convention Center.  Clients will certainly remember your company if you take them fishing!

Large Family Gathering or Reunions

Do you ever have trouble scheduling activities when you have a large family?  It is hard to find boat in Ocean City Maryland that can handle over 6 people and who wants to book multiple boats.  The OC Girl can handle up to 16 passengers so that you can create some great family memories when you are all together.

Full day trips are great for families.  Offshore on the ocean, no cell or WiFi.  Kind of like it used to be when there were less distractions and we actually spent time interacting with each other rather than our phones.  Our evening shark trips are a fantastic option for families.  These a shorter 4 hours trips that are action packet.  Adults and kids love catching sharks.  Evening shark trips allow you beach time during the day and some awesome sunset fishing before bed.

Volunteer Recognition Programs

Anyone who runs a volunteer organization knows the key to success is obviously their volunteer staff.  Year after year it gets cumbersome to find and plan events that are worthy of the thanks your team deserves.  Why not let us help you provide a recognition event or a retention program that your staff will love.  We can take up to 16 of your team at one time fishing for 12, 8 or 4 hour blocks.  As a Volunteer Leader you eat, breath and sleep Recruitment and Retention.  Setting yourself apart by incorporating highly unique events like a deep sea fishing trip gives you a competitive advantage when recruiting, but a huge tool in your retention program.

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